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Choose your pricing plan

  • Truth Lies Within

    Every 27 days
    Total of 3 payments
    Valid for 81 days
    • I'm all in Package

      Every month
      This package is all the goodies you love.
      • 1 Foot zone
      • Coaching
      • 1 group Breathwork Detox
      • Energy work during the foot zone with the coaching
      • Ionic Foot Detox Bath
      • Direct text access after sessions
    • I am Mostly all In

      Every month
      This package is Mostly all the goodies you love.
      • Foot Zone
      • Coaching
      • Energy Work
      • Unlimited Text Access
    • Just Here ForMy Feet

      Every month
      Simply Feet A foot zone and ionic foot bath
      • 1 Foot zone
      • 1 Ionic Foot Bath
    • Feet Feet

      Every month
      Foot Zone & Foot Zone again
      • 2 Foot zones
    • 6 month Coaching+

      Every month
      This is up to your creativity and specifications
      Valid for 6 months
      • Meet weekly. Customize the plan. Call to create details.
      • 1 Breathwork session a month/ coaching to integrate after
      • 3 Foot zones each month/ coaching during the zone
      • Text and email Access
      • Group chats access
      • 20% off retreats and additional breathwork and events
    • Keep me Updated

      All the info you are looking for to stay active in the work
      Free Plan
      • Includes "Hello World! Welcome to the Front Porch Conversati
    • Ionic Foot detox

      Every month
      Ionic foot detox Bath with Bioacoustic & frequency mats, Red light therapy
      Valid for 12 months
      Full Moon Breathwork
      Full Moon Breathwork
      May 23, 2024, 7:30 PM
      Washington County
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