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Hello World! Welcome to the Front Porch Conversations

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Welcome to my Inner “Aha” moments. Let’s begin the conversations.

It’s time to wrap yourself up in the worth of your soul. Wear it around like your favorite sweater. The soul Sweater.

Let's start the conversations our hearts have been singing all along. Give those notes a voice, Be heard, Hear, Be seen, See. Just like your favorite go-to fall sweater, so will this conversation become the comfort of your soul wrapping you in all the warmth you need to feel comfy and free from the wiles of all the outside wilderness.

Let's get started where I started

The "a-ha" conversations starts here. Wherever shall we begin?! ;)

From the deepest depths to some of my most exquisite highs, the aha moments continue to come and often in such simplicity I stop and laugh aloud and reply to myself, "duh". There was born the "duh ah-ha" moments. Keep browsing and share your insights and

"ah-has". I will share mine in whatever form of expression arises. A story, a poem or.......Let's just see what happens. I am open to the flow of possibilities.

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