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Silence and Self Awareness

What is it to sit in silence?

Is silence natural? Is it ever truly silent? Total absence of sound? And when it’s so quiet it’s deafening? Ears ring? Is that silent?

In the day birds chirp The wind blows through the pines A stream gurgles

Is it truly the sound of silence?

At night crickets chirp A frog croaks It thunders and rains

I believe silence occurs within the soul

Within walls of home what is that silence when all are asleep and the world rests?

Can we block outside sounds of the symphony of toads, a lullaby from nature? Is that what is called silence?

I believe silence is the stillness in the now Not that silence doesn’t make a sound

Silence of mind Symphony of heart

Silence in listening to the wisdoms of Gaia

What is silence?

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