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Letters to Me

Dear Self

To the Heroine The hero of heroes The mom The sister Godmother and friend Your sword was slung through mounds and woes Come sit Come rest No more to contend We’ve missed you Today This day You got out of bed Rain on your head Mud in your boots Umbrella inside out Maybe even the universe is in cahoots? Missed train Lover’s broken trust Wind whipped hair Is that a comb still in there? Coffee spills on your Lacey white shirt Overcome Complete disconcert

Oh, the sword that’s been slung through mounds and woes Come sit Come rest No more to contend Today This day You got out of bed

To the Heroine The hero of heroes Lay down your sword With all your woes Wrapped in savory repose Receive Opportunity, alas, is abreast

In a whoosh I slump on a soggy tree stump I got out of bed Missed my train Lover’s broken trust Wind whipped hair Raw wounds to a soul left bare Mud in my boots Yes, even the universe is in cahoots

Sweet floral fragrance fills my nose Softly heard whispers We’ve missed you Welcome home Voice so familiar the song Floats to my ears Much like mine Tiny, yet tangled with years As if my fairy godmother appeared in the air A beautiful woman sat smiling there Years of wisdom telling stories on her face Oh, the beauty my heart eyes traced

“My darling, Have you a moment to spare?” Hummed in divine inquiry The hairs on my skin stood acutely aware Her hand she placed over my heart “It’s your goddess. She who lives in there A timeless gift of no expiry”

Simple words of wisdom Like from a diary so well written In every line upon line her face held stories Without a whisper and not so distant Sparks of memory Forgotten treasures Works of art Who is this jeweled inkheart?

Drawn eye to eye Real as could be She sat there next to me Familiarity mirrored my gaze Scribbled on wrinkles plus 4 decades and days Added years of wise There she was ME No longer disguised A goddess A Heroine The hero of my heroes Who is called grandma Sister Aunt My 80 year old friend

“We’ve missed you Dream little dreamer Always give your best Let angels do the rest Some days are tougher Yet, today, this day you braved the kerfuffles You got out of bed Lay down your sword Crown on your head The twirling laughing little girl within Her freebird soul Inherited every encour”

My 80 year old self Right here Such wisdom , such delight Reminding me of my Royal birthright

She is the Heroine The hero of heroes I thought as I sat with mud in my boots slumped On a soggy tree stump With a sigh “Where is that little girl?” I began in reply With her hand still placed over my heart A smile A wink Hushed whisper “Breathe, don’t think”

One second and my childhood commenced Like memory reels A little girl in a twirly white dress In a field bounding cartwheels Swinging high in the sky Picking cherries for summer pie Sun drenched stawberries A peach Fruit filled branches within reach Climbing to the tippy top of a favorite tree I knew that spunky little girl was reminding me

Eyes open It’s time Stop moping

“To the Heroine The hero of our heroes We’ve missed you Eighty And Eight It’s time, Warrior Remove the breastplate Allow love in Vulnerability always wins Lay down your sword Come sit Come rest You haven’t missed the best Climb a tree In nature you’ll always be freed Climb the mounds and woes Up top is the repose Capture sunlight in your eyes Moondust in your hair Remember, your dreams will take you anywhere Take a ride on the stars Let go of the handle bars Be still Dream big Brave the wilderness Trust in us We are you You are are wanderlust”

In a poof they twinkled away My sweet pixie fairies gone from this day But only from mind’s view Forever remaining what my heart always knew Leaving a wake in my soul Traces of trust A gift to me Forever, my intrinsic stardust

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