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Friendship healing hearts

I have had friends enter my life through mutual contact and sheer guided perfection from angels One dear friend soared in with a sack full of permission slips, unknown to her at the time, that she was carrying them and all the contents of that particular satchel were for me.

All of her heartaches, moments of despair and hurtful doings of others thrust upon her. Not recognizing that she herself was a walking light in the dark and was beginning to re-emerge as a stunning winged angel of grace in my life. She remembered she was that angel of light for others as well.

Her invisible blue velvet satchel was full of stories that brought tears to my eyes as I felt those words resonate within and tell my own story. And we shared stories and laughed and cried and recognized that part of the story didn’t even feel real anymore because we were authoring a new version even as we spoke or cried or laughed. Each share, each unique part of her creation in art , dress, music, divinely created curriculums and desire to shine light down a dark path and BE Light for other women were all permission slips in her satchel she’s carried with my name on it.

I attended a week long Soul Restoration with Art teacher training and saw her as one of the greats sitting in a circle guiding heartfelt discussion, healing with art She was not above us But with us. Healing guiding teaching inviting us to vulnerability and with support and empathy she shared and guided us a little more deeply in to our soul. We all connected with one another there.

And there was a moment I saw all of my passions come full circle among beautiful like minded women and my Soul’s Restoration came full bloom.

And there in that Soul Restoration Retreat inspired by my dear friend was the place I found my heart was home in so many women. Free to create or disassemble for whatever my soul called.

Several hearts were among this group and in my life at this particular time. Each of them captured my heart from a laugh, to the love for their children and families. There were stories of healing, love for loving, laughter and living dreams despite the mud in the betweens. These humans are REAL and genuine and I have been gifted.

The way life granted me one bit of a jewel at a time right to this moment has been a delight in the middle of my own thorny stormy seas and so much opportunity to learn, grow and exercise gratitude And it all started with one persmission slip to BE me.

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