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A Few Reasons to Breathe

BreathWork is a practice Practice makes perfect-ish and it typically doesn't happen in the first attempt...or dozen.

There are about 32 trillion cells in the body all storing codes. Emotion codes are stored in there as well.

Imagine telling all 32 trillion cells with their 32 trillion emotions and 32 trillion intrinsic body codes you've got them all figured out and under Control. Aaaaaaahhhhh No stress or anxiety No depression And life seems to be Perfect bliss.

Please, share your zip code

The facts are 8/10 people are NOT experiencing this bliss but stress and anxiety linked to physical health issues.

Stress= raised cortisol levels Fact : You exhale fat = fat becomes CO2 when it gets used....or liquid....AKA sweat

Did you know Practicing BreathWork sessions with me can cause you to sweat as a heavy dose of O2 and a massive CO2 release to create body temperature rise? And even produce your own euphoric happiness hormone! In the work you will release stress hormones from your body and shed some fat toxins in your BreathWork Practice.

In a 30 day BreathWork challenge I dropped 8 lbs just by breathing.


As my body balanced hormones, came in to a deeper state of calm and I had more energy and less sugary fatty cravings I felt a hugely noticeable difference.

The BreathWork practice is simple work.

I didn't say easy work.

Just simple. It helps Balance blood pressure. Gives More time in deep sleep. Reduces PTSD and feelings of trauma. Builds a Stronger respiratory function. Strengthens the immune system.

So, if you a need a little more time living a bionic life with mental clarity, better health, more energy and having all the answers you need at your finger tips for a complete life filled with peace..... Breathing is your answer.

I will see you at the next event.

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