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Fri, Nov 04



Breathwork Detox All Soul's Day: The Awakening

In light of Dia de Los Muertos the border between the spirit world and the real world dissolves. As the souls of the dead awaken and return to the living world to be with their loved ones embrace their assistance as you fully embody and unlock the power of Breathwork.

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Breathwork Detox All Soul's Day: The Awakening
Breathwork Detox All Soul's Day: The Awakening

Time & Location

Nov 04, 2022, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Washington, 1316 E Gordon Ln, Washington, UT 84780, USA


About the event

About the Event

To prepare for this magnificent evening as we honor our ancestors in releasing

emotional energy stored in our DNA (called intrinsic).

Please bring an intentionally written letter to your past self (now or in the near future) as if you wrote it in the far future and all you hope to welcome in and release has already happened. 

The letter will consist of the traits you have stored in your DNA and

are ready to put to rest and bring to life. 

Be as poetic and detailed as you'd like. 

Be as elaborate as you would like. 

Put to rest (in peace) old thought patterns and beliefs.  Resurrect those ancestral traits and lifestyles you deserve.

Feel free to bring a photo of an ancestor you'd like to have supporting you in this

breath release/receive process. 

Included with this evening, you will get some insight on the

beautiful tradition of honoring ancestors who have passed on. 

Though we love them we don't always love the garbage left behind. Let's be done with it. 

On the other side of the breath, when we come out of the spiritual world of release,

we will gather around the fire with collective healthy nourishment you choose to contribute for 15. 

 Following the breath and nourishment will be a re-birthday ceremony as we burn your letters for the universe to bring your gifts to life. 

Yes, we will be celebrating the first

moments of the rest of your life.

I am so excited for this transformation. I will see you there and see you on the other

side of the breath.

What should you bring to the workshop?  

1. Something to Lay On — sleeping/camping pads are best, but a couple yoga mats

could also work. You will be laying down to breathe for about an hour so the

more comfy the better

2. Eye mask — optional, but highly recommended

3. Blanket(s) — it’s very common to experience temperature fluctuations while


4. Pillows — the more the better, pillows are great for comfort and safely letting

out emotions

5. An open mind and heart


What should I do on the day of the workshop? 

 Eat lightly before. It’s best to breathe on an empty stomach, but a light breakfast

is ok. 

 Hydrate. 

 Connect to your heart. 

 Practicing meditation or journaling can help prepare you. Often energy can

begin to shift as soon as you decide to participate. 

After the workshop, plan on giving yourself some extra time. If you can, it’s best not

to plan a lot of activity afterwards to give yourself space for integration. An Epsom

salt bath to assist in the energetic cleanse is beneficial and helps set it the release

and any information received in the cool down. 

The workshop will begin with introductory information and a meditation to help you

relax and be present. The breath work itself is about an hour accompanied by

evocative music. 


It can be very powerful to share your experience and be heard and seen by your

fellow breathers.  

What to know? 

Breath work workshops allow direct access to the unconscious mind where we can

become aware of the unconscious blockages, outdated thinking patterns and

conditioning to bring them to consciousness for healing. Breath work also creates an

opportunity to expand your state of awareness, clear the monkey mind, and connect

with your inner intelligence. Breath work, on a regular basis, allows the body to

release toxins physically and emotionally while strengthening the neural pathways to

your inner intelligence.  

With consistent practice, a few simple deep breaths will reconnect you to your

higher self (spirit self, inner intelligence ...). Participants of a regular breath work

practice report experiences of emotional release of negative feelings, improvement

in their relationships, a less-isolated feeling, deeper connections, a more present

feeling, the making of decisions that resonate, more balance in ones life and so much

more. Breath work is an opportunity to recognize and release emotion stored in the

body by opening a doorway to be present and a deeper drop in to the process of

allowing those emotions to fully express without suppression or projecting

judgement to the outside world (on to a co-worker, friend, lover, child or pet, for


The breathing will take place through the mouth where air easily moves so the

breath can be quicker, deeper and faster giving the body permission to release

blocked emotions as the oxygen fills the diaphragm and then the lungs in a circular

motion with no pause at the top or bottom of the breath.  

The first 10 minutes is the hardest part and you will need to focus as your mouth

becomes dry but the rhythm will quickly take over right about this time and the

influx of O2 will change your consciousness and chi or energy flow. Your body knows

how to heal. It automatically does it with a cut or a broken bone. 

By increasing oxygen and blood flow in the body through breath your psyche can

also heal and let go by reframing your past and letting go to create a self awareness

to empower you to elevated heights and blast forward in your life. Let go of your

mind to restore and enhance the ability of the heart space to fully function with

limitless possibilities. The only way to get beyond the emotion is through it. 

As emotions are coming up and out, allow those emotions to be as grand as they

want. I absolutely encourage crying, laughter, shouting out the irritations that arise.  

This is all the sound of growth. No emotion is good or bad, Just a signal from our

inner intelligence that something within our 37-trillion body cells needs to be


It's time to give your body a break! Just breathe deeply to the music to let the mind

get out of the way and let your natural inner healing power dissolve any blocks to

strengthening the neural pathways that relax our thinking mind. Direct the spotlight

of our attention inward and towards a stream of associations from the right

hemisphere of the brain. 


The key is to TRUST & SURRENDER.

Though the brain is always working to protect us, it creates fear and confusion as

focus is diligently directed outward towards details of a problem to be solved. This

outward thinking blocks insight and intuition. Regular breath work is a simple — not

easy, but simple — way to find the answers already stored in our inner intelligence.

Your experience might look like the following:  

 Sensory: Hot, cold... Then hot or cold again... Hot and cold.... and back and forth

 Numbness — Tension: The physiological principle to maximum release is to

tense up the whole body before beginning and then let go. During breath work

your body will likely do this on it's own. Your whole body may tense up to where

you feel you can't move at all.

 Tetany: You could experience tetany where the your hands and or toes stiffen

and it gets painful. It will pass. Part of the work is breathing past the body. This is

a huge part of the healing where your body is taking energy that has been stuck

in the hands or any part of the body and creating maximum tension to turn it in

to maximum release. Allow the tension to go as deep as it wants for the deepest

release, however, if it becomes unbearable you can slow down your breathing

and the Tetany will begin to subside.

You are committed and no one else can do this for you. You made the choice to be

here. Make the choice to make it count. It is worth it!! You are in it to win it!  

The Biographical Experience: Some people report experiencing visuals where

something overwhelming from the past, that was not completely felt emotionally at

that time, comes up in the breathing. Listen to your body as it guides you to cry,

growl, moan and/or yell. Someone else in the room will likely be doing the same and

this is the sound of healing and release taking place and it is highly encouraged. After

all, that is what we are here for. This release will positively improve and elevate the

body, psyche and many other areas of your life.  

Freeing the Implicit Memory from the Perinatal: In the blissful oceanic floating

state where all of your needs are being met for nine months, suddenly there are

contractions that compress your body with tremendous pressure cutting off

nutrition. The birth canal is not yet opened so there is no way out and nowhere to

go. Sounds a little intense right?  

We were all there at one point and though our brain may not remember, our

intrinsic memory does according to world renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stan Grof's

studies. Dr. Grof also believes that the birth experience needs to be released. The

experience is being accessed or recreated when we have a difficult situation and

have a feeling that things are terrible and they will never change. Breathing can

release that, even if you aren't directly aware of it. 

Guess what? — The birth canal opened for all of us. We are here so that is the proof.

We pushed our way through overcoming what may have looked like an obstacle

using our creative energy (aka sexual energy). Thus we imprint into the intrinsic what

reaching a goal and overcoming an obstacle looks like. We died to one way of

existence as a water being and were born into the existence of an air being. 


Breathe in to a remembrance of choosing in to this new existence and knowing you

can let go of a part of who you are to take on something new and look at the world

differently or take on a new role. You were born a winner. It is implicitly in your

intrinsic DNA.  

Trans-Personal Experience: This is not an experience you would have in everyday

life with your thinking mind or the ego state in control. It is an opportunity to

enhance the heart space and expand the spiritual energy increasing insights to issues

that may have been a burden holding them back for a very long time. People say

they feel like they are floating in the stars, or feel connected to everything. They are

grounded, centered and flowing through their clairvoyance (seeing images),

claircognizance (psychic ability), claircognition (intense gut feeling), and/or

clairsentience (recognizing feelings).  

The Yogi Sleep State: No, it's quite likely your breath work neighbors aren't

actually sleeping but in a deep profound relaxation or enlightenment. They have lost

track of time and space and that is your cue to focus back in on your breath work

and accompany them in the freedom state of the void where everything resides.

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  • All Souls Day: The Awakening

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